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    Watch Wilfred "Guilt" Season 2 Episode 4 HD Online Free Stream


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    Watch Wilfred "Guilt" Season 2 Episode 4 HD Online Free Stream

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    Wilfred becomes embattled with an unlikely foe, forcing Ryan to intervene.

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    Previously on Wilfred Season 2 Episode 3 "Dignity", Problems emerge for Ryan as result of Wilfred's popularity.

    On this week's Episode title "Guilt", Wilfred becomes embattled with an unlikely foe, forcing Ryan to intervene.

    The story of Ryan, a depressed man who believes he is getting nowhere in his life and plans to kill himself. In the middle of his attempted suicide, he is asked to watch his neighbor's dog, Wilfred, but Ryan can only see Wilfred as a real person instead of an animal that everyone else sees. As they begin to bond more and become friends, Wilfred teaches Ryan a life lesson about people, love, and living.

    In the pilot and two other episodes (provided to for review), Wilfred proceeds to wreak complete havoc on Ryan's already miserable life: goading the bully of a neighbor (played by Ethan Suplee, Randy on My Name is Earl) into harassing him, and both pushing Ryan into romantically pursuing his owner (Fiona Gubelmann), but then sabotaging his every efforts at getting close to her.

    What makes this so fresh? It's partly an audacious concept that will be difficult for the literal-minded to accept. Did Ryan really die in that overdose and this talking dog is part of his time in purgatory? Did he go insane? The show smartly never says. It's all about Ryan's perception, and you can draw whatever conclusions you want from Wilfred's appearance.

    And the success of this show comes partly from the writing, which is smart and genuinely hilarious. "Everything I need to know about a person, I can glean from their a**hole," Wilfred says in the second episode. "Some people think that the eyes are the window to the soul — they couldn't be more wrong."

    When things go particularly bad in the pilot, Wilfred observes, a la Jaws, "We're going to need a bigger bong."

    I haven't laughed so hard at a TV show in years.

    So what makes this a classic story? With the possible exception of the 1960s TV show Mister Ed, you may not remember a lot of the classic stories about a character who is the only person able to talk to a certain animal.

    Basically, Wilfred (the dog) is a character right out of ancient mythology: the trickster — the fairy, the leprechaun, the fool, the raven, and the joker-god. The job of the trickster, which appears in almost every culture, is just to create chaos, to subvert the social norms and offend the sacred.

    But the trickster is not an evil being. He brings total chaos, but from that chaos, something positive always arises — and that's exactly what happens here.

    So what is Wilfred's true agenda? On one hand, he's a dog — a beer-guzzling, cigarette-smoking overgrown frat boy of a dog, to be sure, but a dog. He likes to hump women, dig holes, and chase balls, and he turns around three times before sitting down (to smoke a bong).

    But there are much larger forces at work here, something the writers clearly have a firm and satisfying handle on.

    Elijah Wood is simply fantastic, an exasperated Everyman, in probably the more difficult role — the straight man to Gann's Wilfred. And Wood is clearly game to have his character do almost anything.

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