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    Watch The Dead Files Season 2 Episode 14 "Arctic Wrath" Free HD Online Stream


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    Watch The Dead Files Season 2 Episode 14 "Arctic Wrath" Free HD Online Stream

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    Steve and Amy visit a remote village in Central Alaska to investigate a hotel that's said to be haunted.

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    Previously on The Dead Files Season 2 Episode 13 "Starvation Heights", Amy and Steve help a frightened teen who believes his home in Olalla, Wash., is haunted, and the investigation reveals the property's horrific history of murder.

    On this week's Episode title "Arctic Wrath", Steve and Amy visit a remote village in Central Alaska to investigate a hotel that's said to be haunted.

    The Dead Files team approaches every case from their two specific areas of expertise: Steve DiSchiavi is a Homicide Detective and Amy Allan is a Physical Medium. They are a paranormal team like no other, combining their unique, eclectic and often-conflicting skills to solve unexplained paranormal phenomena in haunted locations across America.

    Each investigator’s methods and findings remain hidden from the other team member to preserve the integrity of their findings, until the shocking results are revealed to the homeowner in the compelling conclusion of each episode.

    While much of Steve’s factual findings have already been disclosed to the audience as we followed him on his investigation, we always save the most shocking information for last. This is the moment of truth, when Steve and Amy come together, with the homeowner, and all of the team’s findings gel into one undeniable – and often terrifying – conclusion.

    Each episode begins with Amy's initial walkthrough of the investigation site. Amy's assistant, Matt (her husband), visits the location prior to her arrival and removes anything that might distract or influence Amy during her channeling session. (Items such as family pictures, trinkets, or personal effects.) In her walkthrough, Amy begins to communicate with ghosts and spirits and gather information to be used throughout the course of the episode. This walkthrough is intercut with footage of Steve gathering facts by researching the history of the location and interviewing witness who claim to have experienced paranormal phenomena. Amy will occasionally collaborate with a sketch artist to describe the entities she may have channeled during her walkthrough. In the episode's climax, Amy and Steve collectively meet with their client for the reveal of evidence.

    Unlike the standard investigations or recounting of personal ghost stories, The Dead Files on The Travel Channel add a a new twist. The basic set up is that a team of two investigators, medium Amy Allan and homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi, investigate a haunting. Each investigates the site separately, using their own specific skills, and they compare notes afterwards.

    If this show is on the level, Allan is the best medium I've seen since Paranormal Cops' Moriah Rhame. In the comparison at the end of the show, not only did she get the general scenario correct about a tragic event that had happened in the house, she nailed several of the details. I like the fact that she is so confident in what she was picking up that she had no qualms in stating her belief that there was even more going on with the situation than was found in the historic records. Some might find it off-putting that Allan, as a physical medium, allows the spirit to talk through her. She did not have that overly dramatic edge that some mediums do, so that part came off as merely odd instead of fakey, as far as I was concerned.

    Interspersed throughout this were scenes of the investigation into the history of the house that DiSchiavi did. I liked this aspect. As a historical researcher myself, I know how important it is, despite that it is barely touched upon in most shows.

    While I appreciate that they did not make it look like he did all the research himself, it's a little frustrating that the show made it sound like you can just walk into a historical society or county office, and they will have files on hand about the history of any house. Many of my friends are librarians. It gets exasperating for them when this kind of expectation gets set in people's minds. Unless they are already a well-known part of a small town's folklore, incidents like 100 year old murders are extremely hard to uncover. They require either a great bit of luck, or hundreds of hours going through old microfilms of newspapers to find.

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