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    Watch Leverage Season 5 Episode 2 The Blue Line Job


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    Watch Leverage Season 5 Episode 2 The Blue Line Job

    Post  kikkoman on Mon Jul 23, 2012 12:36 am

    While trying to save a stubborn hockey enforcer from sustaining permanent injury in the playoffs, the Leverage crew discovers that someone has nefarious designs on the team.

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    Previously on Leverage Season 5 Episode 1 "The (Very) Big Bird Job", While the Leverage team holes up in Portland, they take on the case of a mother whose husband was killed in a plane crash caused by CEO Scott Roemer's negligence. Now Nate decides to go after Roemer by playing on his obsession with Howard Hughes' 1947 wooden plane, Spruce Goose.

    On this week's Episode title "The Blue Line Job", While trying to save a stubborn hockey enforcer from sustaining permanent injury in the playoffs, the Leverage crew discovers that someone has nefarious designs on the team.

    Former insurance investigator Nathan Ford and his team act as modern-day Robin Hoods, staging elaborate cons for clients victimized by an individual or corporation with the wealth and influence to avoid reprisal within the legal system. The team comes together when Victor Dubenich, a wealthy aerospace executive, persuades Ford, a retired insurance investigator with intricate knowledge of scams, to lead a team of talented criminals to steal back aeronautical plans allegedly stolen from him by a competitor. After a successful heist, Dubenich double-crosses them, withdrawing their payment and attempting to blow them up in an abandoned warehouse. In retaliation, the group decides to run a con on Victor, eventually exposing his corruption and implicating him in a bribery attempt, which leads to his being arrested by the FBI. When the con is complete, rather than retire, they decide to keep working for the thrill each gets doing the work they are best at, and the added bonus of how effective they are as part of an elite team. Ford's condition for continuing is that he is allowed to select their jobs, steering them from crimes engaged in for pure profit to jobs undertaken to benefit those with a genuine need who cannot use the legal system or other "legitimate" methods to redress their grievances. Underpinning the main plot are two relationships: Nate and Sophie, whose complicated romantic relationship dates back to his days as an insurance investigator, and Parker and Hardison, whose nascent romance plays out tentatively, as they learn how to build a relationship.

    The team sets up headquarters in Los Angeles, operating as Leverage Consulting & Associates, and for a time operate free of scrutiny until the arrival of Nate's former competitor, James Sterling. With Sterling determined to take them down, they pull their most daring heist by stealing a maquette from Nate's former boss, Ian Blackpoole. Nate's revenge comes at a cost, and the team must disband for six months. It re-forms in Boston, Nate's hometown, where they resume their activities, still followed by Sterling. Season two ends with the team still intact but physically separated from Ford, who surrenders to Sterling and the FBI rather than allow the team to be arrested. Season three opens with Ford in prison, while the team attempts to find a way to get him out, until fate intervenes in the form of a mysterious Italian woman, who aids in Nate's escape but blackmails the team into taking down infamous and untouchable criminal figure Damien Moreau. By season's end, the team finally brings down Moreau's empire, and he is left imprisoned in San Lorenzo, a fictional European nation he once controlled until the team ousted the puppet regime leader. Season four opens with the team discovering that someone has been bugging their headquarters for some time. They assume one of the many influential people they've brought down is now out for payback. Nate discovers however, that its really the work of a wealthy businessman called Jack Latimer. As it turns out, he's been tracking the team's movements since the Dubenich job, and has now managed to profit off their good deeds. With every major company they bring down, he invests in their competitors and makes a fortune, having built a multibillion-dollar empire in the short span of their operations. Now he's offering to give the team intel on the evildoings of other major corporations, if they alert him in advance and give him the chance to profit on each company's downfall.

    Leverage is an American television drama series on TNT that premiered in December 2008. The series is produced by director/executive producer Dean Devlin's production company Electric Television. Leverage follows a five-person team: a thief, a grifter, a hacker and a retrieval specialist, headed up by former insurance investigator Nathan Ford, who use their skills to right corporate and governmental injustices inflicted on ordinary citizens.

    The first season of Leverage consists of 13 episodes, which writers John Rogers and Chris Downey and producer Dean Devlin intended to be a complete story should the series not be renewed. The second season, for which production moved from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon, ran in two parts: a nine-episode summer season which premiered on July 15, 2009, followed by a further six episodes the following winter. Leverage moved to Sunday for its third season, which began June 20, 2010.

    Leverage was renewed for a fourth season in July, 2010. It premiered on June 26, 2011, and will run 18 episodes, ten in the summer and eight in the winter. The continuation of season four began on Sunday November 27, 2011 at 9pm EST on TNT.

    On August 12, 2011, Leverage was renewed for a fifth season, to be both filmed and set in Portland, Oregon.

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