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    Free to Watch Monsuno Season 1 Episode 18 Ice


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    Free to Watch Monsuno Season 1 Episode 18 Ice

    Post  kikkoman on Thu Jul 26, 2012 9:49 pm

    Watch Monsuno Season 1 Episode 18 Online, Watch Monsuno S01 E018 Free Stream, Monsuno Season 1 Episode 18 "Ice" Online HD Free Stream, Watch Monsuno S1xE18 Ice HD, Monsuno Season 1 Episode 18 Ice

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    Chace and his friend discover that Beyal lost his soul,and they hed to the library to figure out how to get Beyal soul back,but Dark Spin interfiers.

    Previously on Monsuno Season 1 Episode 17 "Trophies", Chase's monsuno sight grows more powerful; Dom Pyro plans to turn Chase and his team into trophies.

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    On this week's Episode title "Ice", Chace and his friend discover that Beyal lost his soul,and they hed to the library to figure out how to get Beyal soul back,but Dark Spin interfiers.

    The series revolves around "re-awakened Monster DNA called Monsuno" that finds its way into the unsuspecting hands of adventure-seeking teenagers Chase, Jinja, and Bren. Accompanied by their Monsuno, Lock, Charger, and Quickforce, they are searching for Chase's father Jeredy Suno, the creator of the Monsuno. They are soon joined by Beyal, a monk from the Himalayas along with his Monsuno Glowblade. Beyal often speaks of five people that with the help of their Monsuno, could change the world. It just so happens that they are that five, along with Dax, a teenager who along with his Monsuno Airswitch, opposes the team and is disliked among most people. The team has yet to befriend him and persuade him to join their cause. They are also on the run from an agency called "S.T.O.R.M." (Strategic Tactical Operatives for Recovery of Monsuno) who's plans are still in question.

    Monsuno is an American-Japanese action/adventure TV animated series that premiered in the United States on February 23, 2012 on Nickelodeon's sister channel, Nicktoons, with global launches staggered by country sometime in-between Summer 2012 and Spring 2013 through Nickelodeon. The series is created by Jeremy Padawer and Jared Wolfson. It is distributed by FremantleMedia and is produced by Dentsu Entertainment USA, FremantleMedia, Jakks Pacific, and The Topps Company.

    Fast-paced action, a multi-layered story, and powerful, magical beasts make "Monsuno" a dream for adventure-seeking kids who want to believe there's something more to the world than what meets the eye. This fun series stretches the imagination and makes the process of scientific discovery seem like a pretty cool endeavor...especially if it leads to the rebirth of alien creatures.

    What's more, the fact that the show's heroes are a bunch of teens who hardly look the part but who find the courage and character when it counts doesn't hurt the show's likability, either.

    It's tough to tell an enticing good-vs.-evil tale without devoting some time to the violence that erupts between opposing sides, so that's something to watch for in "Monsuno." The good news is that the humans -- and the heroes in particular -- don't usually get their hands dirty in the skirmishes, thanks to the Monsunos who are at the ready to defend them. There is some weapon play, mostly directed at the creatures, but even so, the imaginative nature of this action/adventure story greatly downplays the effect of this violence on its audience.

    The fact that the heroes are rag-tag teens adds to the show's allure for kids, and their ability to band together and thwart the villains has unstated messages about teamwork and courage.

    This fast-paced show will appeal to boys especially, but the creative storyline and compounding mysticism in the plot offer viewers more cerebral content than do a lot of shows for this age group.

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